Quartzsite-January 2016


Arrived in Quartzsite a week ago friday!! 1st stop was Elk Grove to see Tom and Linda (brother & sister-in-law) then off early in the am to Arizona…Figured I get to Barstow but felt ok so went on to Needles, but forgot to fill up so had to stop in some hole-in-wall and pay $3.90 plus for petrol…Got to Needles and didn’t feel safe there so went on to Lake Havasu and purchased gas there for $1.89….love it. Slept there that evening and left mid morning to Quartzsite. The trip was beautiful..had not been down that highway for a long time and it reminded me of a pre-historic landscape as I drove thru the canyon! Arrived in Quartzsite and staying at Dome Mountain with many other rv’s. Reminds me of old wagon-train parties. Some gather in circles to socialize and some are parked in solitude. Many many types of RV’s, trailers, tents, lots of solar, many flags and glowing flag poles with different color lights. The sunrise and sunsets are beautiful.. I have many pictures and as soon as I learn how to post them on this sight I will share.. Got really cold a couple of days ago..as you might have seen on the facebook page but the wind was really moving this home. I felt sorry for the trailers and tents that are so light….but no one rolled over. I am in a rv park tonight to charge-up and clean-up and fill-up to go to Yuma tomo. I am going to meet a couple of school buddies there and go to some giant flea market……So long for now…..


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